International Asclepiad Society

Asklepios 97

Front Cover: Huernia plowesii - Photo by Hans-Jürgen R. Thorwarth
Back Cover:
Hoya ciliata - Photo by Eva-Karin Wiberg


  • Butler, A.: Editorial
  • Ahmad, M., Khan, M. A., Zafar, M. & Awan, A. G.: A Taxonomic and Medicinal Account of the Asclepiadaceous Species in the Salt Range of Pakistan
  • Thorwarth, H.-J. R.: The Succulent Asclepiads of the Tiras Mountains of Southern Namibia: a preliminary compilation (Part 1)
  • Hargreaves, B. J.: Stapelia in Tshabong
  • Moore, C.: Is this the real Cibirhiza albersiana?
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Butler, A.: Message from the Chairman
  • The Sales Table