International Asclepiad Society

Asklepios 94

Front Cover: Caralluma joannis at Aoulouz, Morocco - Photo by Jean-André Audissou
Back Cover:
Caralluma burchardii - Photo by Jean-André Audissou


  • Butler, A.: Editorial
  • Hargreaves, B. J., Mafakate, D. & Kabelo, M.: More on adeniums in Botswana
  • Hargreaves, B. J. & Turner, Q.: The extremes of Hoodia in Botswana
  • Moore, C.: A-Z of Favourites in my Greenhouse (Part 4)
  • Sultan, A., Mumtaz, A. S., Ahmad, Z., Mehmood, F. & Kahn, M. A.: Pollinarium morphology in Ceropegia bulbosa Roxb. and allies from Pakistan
  • Szakacs, J. R.: Maintaining Hoya plants
  • Audissou, J.-A.: Morrocan stapeliads
  • The Sales Table