International Asclepiad Society

Asklepios 90

Front Cover: Stapelia flavopurpurea Marl. - Photo by Andrea Cattabriga
Back Cover:
Echidnopsis cereiformis Hooker f., Curtis's Botanical Magazine, Plate No. 5930


  • Butler, Alan: Editorial
  • Cullen, Mike: In the Beginning ...
  • Hargreaves, Bruce J. & Turner, Queen: The real Mosata
  • Moore, Chris: A-Z of Favourites in my Greenhouse
  • Dodds, Maria: Angolluma wilsonii (Bally) Plowes
  • Plowes, Darrel C. H.: Orbea elegans Plowes sp. nov.
  • Wiberg, Eva-Karin: Why Hoya?
  • Meve, Ulrich: Errata and Additions to the compilation of "The Asclepiadaceae- Plates in Curtis's Botanical Magazine" published in Asklepios 88: 8-15 (2003)
  • de Kock, Dennis: The "what is what" in Ceropegia (part 2)
  • Abbott, Mike J: Report from the Treasurer
  • The Sales Table