International Asclepiad Society

Asklepios 89

Front Cover: Larryleachia perlata (Dinter) Plowes at Cornell's Kop, Northern Cape Province - Photo by Chris Moore
Back Cover:
Stapelia gariepensis Pillans, at Beauvallon, Northern Cape Province - Photo by Chris Moore


  • Butler, Alan: Editorial
  • Dold, Tony & Kobisi, Khotso: Notes on the genus Brachystelma in Lesotho
  • Rowley, Gordon D.: Intergeneric Hybrids in Asclepiadaceae Tribe Ceropegieae
  • Hoes, Francois: Six years of experience with stapeliads
  • Newton, Leonard E.: The distribution of Huernia archeri
  • Hargreaves, Bruce J.: Edible Milkweed Fruits
  • de Kock, Dennis: The "what is what" in Ceropegia - a preliminary checklist (part 1)
  • Schmucker, Manfred: Confessions of an Orchid Grower
  • Forster, Paul I.: Book Review