International Asclepiad Society

Asklepios 88

Front Cover: Hoya purpureofusca Hook. Curtis's Bot. Mag. 76: t. 4520 (1850).
Back Cover:
Ceropegia bowkeri Harv. Curtis's Bot. Mag. 92: t. 5578 (1866). 


  • Butler, Alan: Editorial
  • Butler, Alan: Honorary Life Membership of the IAS for Mr Les Delderfield
  • Dold, Tony: Notes on the recently described Brachystelma cummingii and its closest relative B. tenellum
  • Meve, Ulrich: The Asclepiadaceae Plates in Curtis's Botanical Magazine
  • Butler, Alan: International Ramblings
  • Reviews
  • Wiberg, Eva-Karin: Hoya Trip to Sumatra & Peninsular Malaysia
  • Butler, Alan: Collectors' Corner