International Asclepiad Society

Asklepios 79

Cover illustration: Orbea woodii. From R.A. Dyer in Flowering Plants of South Africa, 19: t. 724, 1939.


  • Editorial
  • Walker, Colin C. & Downs, Philip E.: John Medley Wood's Natal Asclepiads
  • Kloppenburg, Dale: Computer Internet Hoya Collector's Group
  • Hargreaves, Bruce J.: Ceropegia and Fockea in Botswana
  • Collenette, Sheila: Huernias in Saudi Arabia
  • Clark, Phil: Asclepiad Rubber - A Further Note
  • Cole, Desmond T.: Stapeliads and their kin in Botswana - Some New Observations
  • Walker, Colin C.: Asclepiads in the Literature
  • Hedgecock, G. A.: Obituary: Peter Noble
  • Sajeva, Maurizio & Costanzo, Mariangela: Book Review: Succulents II - The New Illustrated Dictionary
  • Shirley, G. P.: Obituary: Albert Kroesen
  • Heyne, Christian O.: A Key to American Asclepiad Genera