International Asclepiad Society

Asklepios 78

Cover illustration: Stapelia gigantea N.E. Brown, from plate 531 of John Medley Wood's Natal Plants, published in six volumes with 600 plates from 1898 to 1912. A full article on Wood's Natal asclepiads by Colin C. Walker and Philip Downs will appear in the next issue of Asklepios.


  • Editorial
  • Society Matters
  • Collenette, Sheila: Duvalias in Saudi Arabia
  • Demoly, J.-P.: Book Review: "Les Cedres". An Exceptional Botanical Garden
  • Mulej, Iztok: Grafting the Stapeliads
  • Maddams, W. F.:What is a Species? Is a Consensus View Possible?
  • Omlor, R.: Book Review: Generische revision der Marsdenieae (Asclepiadaceae)
  • Walker, Colin C.: Asclepiads in the Literature
  • Mak, H.: Book Review: CD-Succulent
  • Forster, Paul I., Liddle, David J., Liddle, Iris M.: The Genus Hoya R.Br (Asclepiadaceae: Marsdenieae) as Commonly Cultivated in Australia