International Asclepiad Society

Asklepios 75

Cover illustration: Stapelia ambigua Masson, Fig. 52 from A. Berger's ‘Stapelieen und Kleinien’ (1910). S. ambigua is now considered to be a synonym of S. grandiflora Masson (widespread in South Africa and Lesotho). Both species were published simultaneously in 'Stapeliae Novae' in 1797. Flowers are up to 22 cm in diameter.


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  • Catalogues Received
  • Walker, Colin C.: Asclepiads in the Literature
  • Mays, Harry: The 1999 offering of ISI plants
  • In Memoriam - Alf Woodward (1929-1998)
  • Cole, Desmond T.: Stapeliads and other succulents in Botswana
  • Rowley, G. D.: Fockea edulis var. capensis - The correct name for the “Old Lady of Schönbrunn”
  • Kloppenburg, Dale: Grafting Hoyas
  • Hargreaves, Bruce J.: Huernia in Botswana
  • Kunze, Henning: Floral structure and pollination biology in Matelea lanata (Asclepiadaceae)
  • Clark, P. S.: Exploitation of milkweeds - An addendum
  • Spearing, John K.: A preliminary study of the morphology of seedlings of the genus Duvalia (Asclepiadaceae)
  • Rowley, G. D.: Short communication: A new combination in Ceropegia