International Asclepiad Society

Asklepios 72

Cover illustration: Ceropegia dimorpha H. Humb. This illustration shows two types of growth which can be exhibited simultaneously by this plant which originates from the Isalo mountains, Madgascar.


  • Editorial
  • Society Matters
  • Hargreaves, Bruce J.: Orbea and Stapelia in Botswana
  • Newton, Leonard E.: Rediscovery of Caralluma dicapuae ssp. ukambensis, with a new Combination
  • Mays, Harry: 1998 ISI Plant Offerings
  • Walker, Colin C.: A Question of Balance: When is a Caralluma a Caralluma and not a Caudanthera?
  • Newton, Leonard E.: Typification of Caralluma denboefii
  • Collenette, Sheila: Travels in Arabia - Part 4 Abha to Najran
  • Williamson, Graham: An Aberrant Record for Pentarrhinum abyssinicum ssp. angolense (Asclepiadaceae) from the Richtersveld in South Africa
  • Walker, Colin C.: A. A. Bullock and his Asclepiad Studies
  • Newton, Leonard E.: Tom Grumbley (1919-1997)
  • Meve, Ulrich & Liede, Sigrid: A New Species of Sarcostemma (Asclepiadaceae) from Northern Madagascar
  • Walker, Colin C.: Asclepiads in the Literature
  • Downs, Philip E.: Book Review: The Genus Duvalia (Stapelieae) by Ulrich Meve