International Asclepiad Society

Asklepios 68

Cover illustration: Hoodia bainii from: Thiselton-Dyer, W.T. (1878) Hoodia bainii. Bot. Mag. 34: t.6348.


  • Editorial
  • Society Matters
  • Letter to the Editor
  • Catalogues Received
  • Notes and Queries
  • Spearing, John : Assistance Urgently Requested!
  • Clark, Phil: Hoya Cultivar Names - Update
  • Downs, Philip E.: Larry Leach 1909-1996
  • Malumphy, Chris : Scale Insects (Homoptera: Coccoidea) on Asclepiadaceae in Britain
  • Walker, Colin C.: Asclepiads in the Literature
  • Newton, Leonard E.: Raphionacme abbysinica in Northern Kenya
  • Hargreaves, Bruce J.: Tavaresia barklyi (T. Dyer) N.E.Br. in Botswana
  • Rauh, Werner: New Asclepiads from Madagascar
  • Mottram, Roy: The Generic Name Stapelia with Conserved Type
  • Letroye, Alain: Stapeliees - Bilan d'un Premier Hivernage / Stapeliees - Balance-sheet of a First Winter
  • Letroye, Alain: Les Huernia / Huernias