International Asclepiad Society

Asklepios 65

Cover illustration: Gonolobus saraguranus Morillo. Reproduced with permission from Morillo, G. (1994).


  • Editorial
  • Catalogues Received
  • Society Matters
  • Wayman, Ann: About the Price of Hoyas
  • Clark, Phil: Asklepios Covers to Volume 65 - Continued
  • Brown, Anne: Notes and Queries: An Update on the North Kenya Gem
  • Keen, Bill: Notes and Queries: A Striped Huernia
  • Butler, Alan: Growing and Showing the Succulent Asclepiads
  • Walker, Colin C.: Asclepiads in the Literature
  • Bruyns, P. V.: A Short Communication: A New Combination in Quaqua
  • Meve, Ulrich & Liede, Sigrid: Microloma in Madagascar
  • Clark, Phil & Hedgecock, Geoff A.: Brachystelmas Illustrated
  • Clark, Phil & Deno, N. C.: Seed Germination of some North American Asclepiads
  • Clark, Phil: Book Review: Seed Germination Theory and Practice
  • Hedgecock, Geoff A.: Who Were They? (3) N. S. Pillans
  • Clark, Phil: Postscript