International Asclepiad Society

Asklepios 104

Front Cover: Brachystelma maritae - Photo Chris Moore
Back Cover:
Microloma sagittatum - Photo Chris Moore


  • Butler, A.: Editorial
  • Bensusan, K., Lamb, B. & Perez, C.: On the distribution and habits of Apteranthes joannis (Maire) Plowes
  • Hargreaves, B. J.: Edible Milkweed Tubers
  • Moore, C.: A few notes on Asclepiad cultivation
  • Hübner, F.: Hybrids in our collections: the search for the origin of "Huernia laevis f.Harras"
  • Bensusan, K. & Perez, C.: An Effective Method for Photographing the Flowers of Asclepiads
  • The Sales Table