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All the items below can be obtained from the Membership Secretary. Please make cheques payable to the "International Asclepiad Society" or give your Credit Card details. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Delta, Electron, Fortoak, PIN Train, Maestro, Switch, Solo and JCB. Unless otherwise stated all prices include Postage and Packing at Airmail Rate.

I.A.S. Merchandise

IAS Badge

An attractive enamelled badge with a discreet stapeliad type flower motif is now available at a cost of £2.50

IAS T-Shirts

Now in stock. Available with a 4-colour motif (Huernia levyi) on a 'natural cotton' background and the wording "Give yourself a Huernia - Grow Asclepiads". Available at £4 each in the UK or other countries, and US$5 from Sue Haffner in the USA. Please specify Medium, Large or Extra-Large.

I.A.S. Publications

Checklist of Botanical Species of Saudi Arabia
Sheila Collenette

The checklist tabulates 2,243 species in 837 genera as they refer to the author's collection numbers. The species are listed alphabetically under 142 families. An appendix documents locality data for all Asclepiadaceae collections together with a map locating them. There are 78 pages printed on high quality paper and the attractive cover, in full colour, shows four asclepiads and habitat views.

The checklist will prove an essential adjunct to the understanding and enjoyment of this new volume. Price: UK £2.50; Europe £3 (airmail); Rest of the World £3 (US$10) surface mail, £4 (US$12) Airmail.

Back Numbers of Asklepios and Asclepiadaceae

These can be obtained from the Membership Secretary at £7 each, but please check the current availability from him beforehand, as some of the earlier issues are now only available as reprints.

The following items are reduced to clear stocks;

A preliminary reassessment of the Genera Hoodia & Trichocaulon (Stapelieae: Asclepiadaceae) Darrel C.H.Plowes

Offprints from this paper which appeared in Asklepios 56 (It includes the additional note from Asklepios 57). Size A4, 10m pages + 2 pages of coloured illustrations, stapled. Price £2.50

Notes on the Ceropegias of South East Zaire François Malaisse and Michel Schaijes

An offprint from Asklepios 58. A valuable contribution to our understanding of these little known species. Size A4, 10 pages + 2 pages of coloured illustrations, stapled. Price: £2.50

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